There for you?

“Choose your words wisely,weigh them before speaking,as few are here to listen,but mostly to judge.” Have you ever bottled up your feelings and thoughts because you know no one is really going to understand you. Well, here are a couple of facts – Firstly, no one can ever understand you completely because perceptions will always…


Don’t write about something, if you don’t believe in it. Commercialization will take you to success, but not towards peace. If your heart is put into words, it will definitely beat in the chest of your readers. Keep believing. Keep writing what touches you. keep your peace.

What “Love” Means to You?

“LOVE” One word countless emotions millions of poetry, yet indescribable what it means to an individual. So, what love means to you??

Wisdom of the Night Owl

How often do you lie awake at night thinking all the possibilities of your life? What dreams you have? What right and wrong things happened in your life ? What lies ahead and what has passed? Personally, for me, the thoughts that wander at night are the most closest to your heart. They are crystal…