Be like a dandelion. Sun, moon & stars together spreading joy & beauty. Be like a dandelion. Grow wherever you land adapting every soil & garden. Be like a dandelion. Greet in the morning with a bright yellow shine & close your eyes in the night to dream of the next day bright. Be like…

Talk About the Stars

Talk about the stars and never about the universe. Talk about the character and never about the soul. For the soul has been empty, the universe dark, it is the beauty added by the character of stars to the soul’s universe. ¬©Kinjal Jain

Stories of the Cloud

The clouds tell stories of those who live up there. There have been many times, when one looks up at the clouds and see different shapes forming. A ship, a dog or may be just a long white trail. What if those formations are not simple images, but stories coming right from the heaven? Wonder…

Rose & Thorns…Continue

You got the rose? Good. The thorns will be there, Accept. And of course the leaves too. This will keep going. The poetry of rose & thorns will be every poet’s story. Keep reading. Keep the Rose & Thorn forever. P.S. – I am not that bad at painting either!!