The Thing About Feeling Broken

People asked her,”After all that you have been through, have you ever felt broken at some point?” She always smiled and replied,”I don’t break, I multiply! Because someone once told me that ‘I am a Miracle.’” Yes, you all are a walking miracle and you can choose not to feel broken by the things happened…

I am the Dream Catcher

Anything can be seen differently.

Emotions and Depth

“Make happiness go as deep as the pain goes.” Being an emotional, sensitive person means that you feel happiness in depth just like you feel pain in depth. That is the correct kind of sensitivity (at least for me!). Deeply feeling pain and neglecting the intensity of happiness is like sitting on a see-saw alone….


Bathing in the sunlight On a winter-y afternoon A feather caught my eye White with shades of grey Little damaged but mostly fine Stuck in the curtain. Stuck like me, in the middle of a choice Torn between staying there Or getting out, To lie and move a little with the uneven breeze Or fly…