Be Happy for No Reason

Sadness took away all the reasons, so I am HAPPY for no reason at all. ©Kinjal Jain

Emotions and Depth

“Make happiness go as deep as the pain goes.” Being an emotional, sensitive person means that you feel happiness in depth just like you feel pain in depth. That is the correct kind of sensitivity (at least for me!). Deeply feeling pain and neglecting the intensity of happiness is like sitting on a see-saw alone….

A Letter to Self

The poem is an attempt to blend creativity with a message. Very few know the importance of balancing life between routine and adventure, tradition and modernity, and of course choosing the right people and right deeds.”A letter to self” is a reminder that only you hold the power to shape your life. It is a…

Seek Within

Thousands of years has gone by and the mankind has evolved. It has entered the world of loneliness, over-thinking, distracting negatively, and depression. In the growing era of building social connections the people are getting more and more lonely. They have so many people around them and yet find themselves struggling from loneliness within. Wherever…

Step Into The Beautiful

  Nothing huge still life changing. Fall in love, with the sunshine with the morning noises with the routine chores with the way to your workplace with the smile a stranger passes with the Good Morning texts with Everything usual to make it unusually exceptional! Fall hard. Fall in love with your life.