Don’t write about something, if you don’t believe in it. Commercialization will take you to success, but not towards peace. If your heart is put into words, it will definitely beat in the chest of your readers. Keep believing. Keep writing what touches you. keep your peace.

Pet & Love, Love & Pet

This post is a personal one and is very close to my heart. I am an animal lover and I have a pet rabbit. Her name is Champ and she is simply, fluffily amazing. I always wanted to share this part of my life with everyone and show them that unconditional love exists. White as…

Weird Combinations

Here are few words placed in weird combinations. Read and be amused. Love : it hurts as well as heals Money : it breaks you or it makes you Wisdom : too much or too less, both dangerous Family : you want to be with them and you don’t want to be with them, sudden…


There are two kinds of smile : Smiling for the world & Smiling for yourself Keep both on your face, but mostly the second one. Keep smiling!

Stitched Back

In between the love letters, your memories and the tear marks, my pen smiled at me and sewed my soul.