Coffee Painting

The hypnotizing aroma, the different shades of caffeine, a swift swirl with brush, and a drop of water here and there. Once in a while I love to explore the painter in me and it was one of those days when I attended a #coffee_art workshop. I had an amazing time and learnt that you…


“Everyone is selfish. You just need to know¬†who are the ‘right’ amount.”


Nothing is better than a motivational quote in the middle of a working day.


A quote for myself. Self-motivation. Sketching and writing. Peaceful.


the body is made up of All, all in small pieces –sins and virtues I came up with this quote while reading a poem by Rupi Kaur. The poem was about “not being satisfied with what you have”. A poem will not touch your heart all along and suddenly there will come a word or…


My throwback thursday poem – “Thirst”