Love & Wine

Your love is like wine, old, strong, reaches the high slowly & gets better with every sip. ©Kinjal Jain

The Sky of My Imagination

Think. Think. & Write.


I sketch my words sometimes. I protect myself from the rain, yet I am covered with it all over. -depression ©Kinjal Jain


Passion is not always burning fire. It can be a relaxing place, -A place right under the tree, breathing calmly, peacefully, inhaling the cool breeze bit by bit. -Or may be in the room scribbling under the night lamp. -Or may be travelling solely and sitting in cafes or libraries. It may burn burn like…

Demon v/s Angel

I need to silence my demons, they are taking over the angel face I have been holding. If I am good, it doesn’t mean I can’t do bad. If I handle the situation everytime, it doesn’t mean that I won’t stumble. If I keep myself calm when I should burst, it doesn’t mean I cannot…

Coffee Painting

The hypnotizing aroma, the different shades of caffeine, a swift swirl with brush, and a drop of water here and there. Once in a while I love to explore the painter in me and it was one of those days when I attended a #coffee_art workshop. I had an amazing time and learnt that you…