The Idea of Love

It’s sad that very few people understands the Magic in Love. The magic of love is flawed! We question it, we try to find the tricks, but in the end it leaves us amazed and awestruck. © Kinjal Jain


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The Truth About Love

Love is fickle. Commitment is liability. Relationship is bondage. Being alone is freedom, but suffocating in a strange crowd is okay. No wonder more people are falling in the trap of loneliness & depression, they dig it for themselves & after few years ask why they feel trapped. Falling in love and finding a companion…

Depression – An invisible rope

I am choking on an invisible rope around my neck. I know it’s hurting me, but I don’t how to remove it cause I can’t see it. Depression and anxiety are these invisible ropes. You know you are suffocating, but you don’t know what’s suffocating you. You can’t find the reason behind it and hence,…