Emotions and Depth

“Make happiness go as deep as the pain goes.” Being an emotional, sensitive person means that you feel happiness in depth just like you feel pain in depth. That is the correct kind of sensitivity (at least for me!). Deeply feeling pain and neglecting the intensity of happiness is like sitting on a see-saw alone….

Winter #haiku

Winter hits, thoughts freeze; Spring never came back to me. The biggest fear of a writer. The biggest fear of a person who gets numb because of some incident. The biggest fear of turning something cold, where once flowers bloomed. To all my fellow writers, Hope your thoughts keep blooming and your winter soon passes….

Demon v/s Angel

I need to silence my demons, they are taking over the angel face I have been holding. If I am good, it doesn’t mean I can’t do bad. If I handle the situation everytime, it doesn’t mean that I won’t stumble. If I keep myself calm when I should burst, it doesn’t mean I cannot…


“She.. is everything you are not. And that’s good! Cause she is not everything you are.” Leave comparisons and love differences. You are unique. You are YOU & that’s enough. P.S: it goes for guys as well


A simple reminder. What ever is going on with you right now, take a moment to BREATHE. Tuesday feels. Just shared cause feeling overwhelmed takes lot of energy. Keep Smiling.

Just Needs?

What do you want to fill your life with…with just needs or something more, something better?

All the Seasons On Earth

Love always flourishes together. A feeling, an intensity from both sides. Incomplete without each other. One coin, two people, two sides, together precious.