It rang, it finally rang after days of waiting. The wait ended and the weight lifted. Every minute was longer than infinity, but now the excitement, the anxiousness was inexpressible, a smile adorned her eyes and face. She could sense and feel a new world of joy waiting for her on the door, she ran…

Nature & Me

Dependence and Harmony of humans and nature.

The Art of Trying

Life is lighting me up every day. It lights me up with realizations, experiences – good & bad. It light me up with love & happiness. Oh happiness! Damn it’s contagious. When I feel happy I tend to pass it onto who ever crosses my path. A thing everybody wants to get infected with. Lately,…

Forest of a Soul

Look at them! Look into their eyes. Go beyond the exterior. Seek within, en-route their mind. Camp around their hearts. Swim in deep waters. Hike around highs & lows. Embrace the panoramic beauty. Go into dark places. Soak the light in the open meadows. Live in the Forest of a Soul & fall in love…

The Idea of Love

It’s sad that very few people understands the Magic in Love. The magic of love is flawed! We question it, we try to find the tricks, but in the end it leaves us amazed and awestruck. © Kinjal Jain


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