The Forest of My Nature

“I am ready to fall in the forest of my nature, rather than viewing it from the cliff.” The forest you want to explore is by going deep into it, not from up above the cliff. The ferns, the flowers, the dirt. Find all, feel all, live all. Find the wonderland, and then and only…


When you look deep into the sky and glittering stars…What mesmerizes you? “That how the silence give my thoughts voice!” © Kinjal Jain

Rhythm of a Writer

My fingers move rhythmically on the keyboard, just like a pianist. -rhythm of a writer ©Kinjal Jain


Passion is not always burning fire. It can be a relaxing place, -A place right under the tree, breathing calmly, peacefully, inhaling the cool breeze bit by bit. -Or may be in the room scribbling under the night lamp. -Or may be travelling solely and sitting in cafes or libraries. It may burn burn like…