Rhythm of a Writer

My fingers move rhythmically on the keyboard, just like a pianist. -rhythm of a writer ©Kinjal Jain

True Love

How beautiful it is to be wild & free after being captured in someone’s heart. – true love Hope you find your true love! ¬©Kinjal Jain

The Bird & Her Freedom

What is that makes me special? I have wings to fly but I know when to return & perch. -a bird made for the sky & the tree We all want freedom and independence. We all have different definitions of freedom. One does not always know the right amount and the extremes of it. I…

Rose & Thorns…Continue

You got the rose? Good. The thorns will be there, Accept. And of course the leaves too. This will keep going. The poetry of rose & thorns will be every poet’s story. Keep reading. Keep the Rose & Thorn forever. P.S. – I am not that bad at painting either!!

Poetry Gateway

When I call the poet inside me, a million thoughts scream a million voices, a million words finding a gateway. I call it again I call them all ask them to calm, “You will be written & read. You will be recited & heard.” When the poet inside find the right gateway of the maze.