More to Positive Life

“Believing is Resurrection.” When nothing seems to work out, when nothing seems to go your way, when nothing seems right, and yet your heart believes that there is a way, that very moment, you resurrect into a new being. A being of positivity, faith & success. This all sounds too bookish, but when you manifest…

Rhythm of a Writer

My fingers move rhythmically on the keyboard, just like a pianist. -rhythm of a writer ©Kinjal Jain

True Love

How beautiful it is to be wild & free after being captured in someone’s heart. – true love Hope you find your true love! ¬©Kinjal Jain

The Bird & Her Freedom

What is that makes me special? I have wings to fly but I know when to return & perch. -a bird made for the sky & the tree We all want freedom and independence. We all have different definitions of freedom. One does not always know the right amount and the extremes of it. I…

Rose & Thorns…Continue

You got the rose? Good. The thorns will be there, Accept. And of course the leaves too. This will keep going. The poetry of rose & thorns will be every poet’s story. Keep reading. Keep the Rose & Thorn forever. P.S. – I am not that bad at painting either!!

Poetry Gateway

When I call the poet inside me, a million thoughts scream a million voices, a million words finding a gateway. I call it again I call them all ask them to calm, “You will be written & read. You will be recited & heard.” When the poet inside find the right gateway of the maze.