Gift of Faith

Ideas & thoughts become your life eventually. Have faith in your circumstances, your growth, your choices & above all in yourself.

Fingertips – January – Red

We met after what it felt like a lifetime. I came running to you carrying months of pain & excitement, & the hug feels unrequited. You then put your hands on my cheeks, but your fingertips felt cold & numb, just like winter cold January. That very moment, my cheeks became pale, I lost all…

Goals & some Stories

Life is both goals and stories. Achieving success is great, one should always have a purpose, but in between all those achievements stop and make some memories, stories and live crazily. Fill in some adventures, some lazy days and spontaneous plans. ©Kinjal Jain

I Am…

Who are you? What is your purpose?

Be Happy for No Reason

Sadness took away all the reasons, so I am HAPPY for no reason at all. ©Kinjal Jain