Art Therapy – Self-Body State

“Whenever you go in the search of happiness, peace and strength, the way always leads to inward.” This has always been true about living a good life. Bring the change in you, find everything within you and your life transforms. Today in the Art Therapy session, I had to lie down and close my eyes…

Sketching A New Hobby

One art form can inspire another art form & can turn into a beautiful convergence of visual-interpretative treat.

Art Workshop for Underprivileged Kids

My experience of teaching kids how to paint with acrylic colors. Had a great time and felt nice to be a part of this workshop. Colors and smiles everywhere.

Color & Canvas

Yes the life at birth is an empty canvas and you grow up filling colors to complete your picture. It has been said and adapted in so many writings. They all used the metaphor of colors to show that life is made up of different colors in different shades depicting phases, emotions, wisdom, twists and…

Coffee Painting

The hypnotizing aroma, the different shades of caffeine, a swift swirl with brush, and a drop of water here and there. Once in a while I love to explore the painter in me and it was one of those days when I attended a #coffee_art workshop. I had an amazing time and learnt that you…