The Thing About Feeling Broken

People asked her,”After all that you have been through, have you ever felt broken at some point?” She always smiled and replied,”I don’t break, I multiply! Because someone once told me that ‘I am a Miracle.’” Yes, you all are a walking miracle and you can choose not to feel broken by the things happened…

I Choose to Love You Differently

My love is different and I choose to see what others don’t.


The universe does find a way to connect.

The Forest of My Nature

“I am ready to fall in the forest of my nature, rather than viewing it from the cliff.” The forest you want to explore is by going deep into it, not from up above the cliff. The ferns, the flowers, the dirt. Find all, feel all, live all. Find the wonderland, and then and only…


When you look deep into the sky and glittering stars…What mesmerizes you? “That how the silence give my thoughts voice!” © Kinjal Jain