The weight of its wetness stretched across the skin on her face, seemed unbearable. It is always the skin, after the heart and the eyes are soaked, soaked with thoughts, pain, weariness! The skin is next in queue, the next destination for the pain! The pain raining on once sun-bathed land, the land of glow…

Nature & Me

Dependence and Harmony of humans and nature.

The Art of Trying

Life is lighting me up every day. It lights me up with realizations, experiences – good & bad. It light me up with love & happiness. Oh happiness! Damn it’s contagious. When I feel happy I tend to pass it onto who ever crosses my path. A thing everybody wants to get infected with. Lately,…


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The Truth About Love

Love is fickle. Commitment is liability. Relationship is bondage. Being alone is freedom, but suffocating in a strange crowd is okay. No wonder more people are falling in the trap of loneliness & depression, they dig it for themselves & after few years ask why they feel trapped. Falling in love and finding a companion…


No more struggle. Here’s an escape from bad to better. A poem which every person will relate to, who is struggling to get out of a situation, a state, a problem.