No more struggle. Here’s an escape from bad to better. A poem which every person will relate to, who is struggling to get out of a situation, a state, a problem.

My Existentiality

A poetry about me, because once in a while as a writer you have to come out in the open.

Gift of Faith

Ideas & thoughts become your life eventually. Have faith in your circumstances, your growth, your choices & above all in yourself.

Colors of Life

Feeling blue & grey are also a part of my rainbow. РWithout sadness, happiness has no worth. Embrace all colors of life. ©Kinjal Jain


Another milestones achieved!! – My blog crossed 200 followers. Thank you to all my followers for reading and connecting with my writing. Hope to give you content with more positivity and depth. let’s explore life together and spread the alphabetical magic in every heart. Thank you once again.