Color of the Day – Green

Let’s go green! Here’s a little poem as well, because poetry is what I live for. What does green mean to you? Please share 🙂

Gift of Faith

Ideas & thoughts become your life eventually. Have faith in your circumstances, your growth, your choices & above all in yourself.

Art Workshop for Underprivileged Kids

My experience of teaching kids how to paint with acrylic colors. Had a great time and felt nice to be a part of this workshop. Colors and smiles everywhere.

Beauty & More

Yes we all talk about the time where we were wandering in the darkest times of our lives.  The worst phase! The bad vibes! Helplessness! But, don’t you think that we all became something more, something better because of it? Some beautiful kind of human? We are what we are because for sometime we wandered…

Wisdom of the Night Owl

How often do you lie awake at night thinking all the possibilities of your life? What dreams you have? What right and wrong things happened in your life ? What lies ahead and what has passed? Personally, for me, the thoughts that wander at night are the most closest to your heart. They are crystal…