Path to Love

To win a heart, to have a winning relationship follow only one path with few milestones, and the eternity won’t seem too long. In the beginning the path is all green and serene but, when it starts to grow forever long it turns mysterious, seems impossible & wrong. The milestones then become the answers to solve the mystery and the path seems to get clearer, seems to get Magical! One that starts with belief in the person. Then, it takes a turn towards actions & promises which leads to trust & understanding.The next milestone comes in the middle of bumps & hurdles. It’s the point of patience & priorities. The last one, the last one stands the biggest, most important place – LOVE. An unbiased, unquestioned, unconditional love, that doesn’t change or die, but grow with time.

©Kinjal Jain

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  1. A Man Deep says:

    Beautiful write up and message. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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