Color & Canvas

Yes the life at birth is an empty canvas and you grow up filling colors to complete your picture. It has been said and adapted in so many writings.

They all used the metaphor of colors to show that life is made up of different colors in different shades depicting phases, emotions, wisdom, twists and turns.

One day you feel blue. The other day a happy pink, a soothing green, enraged red and sometimes your mind fills with a dull shade of grey.

All these colors help you create the picture perfect. Use all, feel all and keep painting.

At the death bed I am certain that with all uncertain bright-dull colors your canvas will be filled with a beautiful shade called Life.

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  1. how lovely!!! a charming piece of writing.

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    1. Kinjal Jain says:

      Thank you so much 😊
      Do go through other posts as well. Hope u like them too😊

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      1. you’re welcome. i will, i intend to read more – thank you for sharing x

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  2. Saptarsi Chakrabarty says:

    The death bed be dead certain, certainty was bewildered, the way she wrote – colours became real, shades shed no tears and Canvas, been placed in eternity….

    Thus was she….

    Juat Keep writing,…

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    1. Kinjal Jain says:

      I can never get such elaborate n beautiful comments from anyone else😊😊 thank you Saptarsi


      1. You’re welcome Kinjal😊😊

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