What Diwali Brings?


Everyone knows why we celebrate Diwali and worship Goddess Laxmi. The festival of prosperity and wealth, of new beginnings and success. But, for me Diwali is completely different. Lets take a look on the other page of this beautiful lighting festival.

Shall we?

The house of all the bugs and insects living happily in our homes are in danger.
Old books, report cards, childhood (creepy, but cute) photos, basically memories fly with the dust in the air. Just to be with us for a little longer.
Suddenly all the furniture & curtains gets more attention than Us.
“What should we get this year?” becomes the most important discussion of the Month!
Your room suddenly appears to be some strange land, because its CLEAN and everything is at its place.
Don’t forget just a few days before the festival you wake up with the appetizing smell of sweets and snacks, filling the whole house.
The enthusiasm of buying the best of the best firecrackers.
The new dresses, excitement of Laxmi pooja and don’t forget the long drives around the city, decorated with lights and creativity, to welcome all the happiness and opulence in the lives of the residents.

P.S : It is a “Swacch Bharat Abhyan” on a small level to greet the wealth and success with open arms.

For me Diwali brings smiles, the wait and the fun which starts a month before the day of the festival. It teaches me to keep my surroundings clean, because prosperity comes to those who not only works hard to receive it, but also wants to sustain it in a beautiful environment. Respect the returns (wealth, success and achievements) with all your heart and gratitude.

Happy Diwali in Advance!

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  1. Superb writing… refreshing

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    1. Kinjal Jain says:

      Thank you 😊


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    1. Kinjal Jain says:

      Thank you


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