Love is Rhetoric

While going through the various posts on Instagram today I came across some brilliant writing and 90% of them was about love. The poems or thoughts may carry pain, heart break, or a cheating soul, they were still easy to ink on a paper. Spilling words about love, about the aesthetic it carries or the…

Rhythm of a Writer

My fingers move rhythmically on the keyboard, just like a pianist. -rhythm of a writer ©Kinjal Jain


Passion is not always burning fire. It can be a relaxing place, -A place right under the tree, breathing calmly, peacefully, inhaling the cool breeze bit by bit. -Or may be in the room scribbling under the night lamp. -Or may be travelling solely and sitting in cafes or libraries. It may burn burn like…

A Bit of My Perception

I have taken a few quotes and added a bit of my perception to the quotes. Hope you read them & like them.

Path to Love

To have a winning relationship you need to follow only one path.

The Balance of Life

Life is the right balance of… what to focus on and what to leave blur! ¬©Kinjal Jain

Growing Up

Why do I have to grow up? Coz dear, the balloons will soon pop up & you will be left with nothing but the air of reality. Soon you have to face the reality and get out of your dream bubble. No one can live in the same scenario for ever. Change is necessary. Growth…

Normal is Okay

I read somewhere that “You can’t be happy all the time.” And this quote made me wonder the torture we give ourselves in the search of happiness every minute of our lives. Nothing is permanent everybody knows that, then why wish for a permanent happy state? It is being content is what we should search…