Love is Rhetoric

While going through the various posts on Instagram today I came across some brilliant writing and 90% of them was about love. The poems or thoughts may carry pain, heart break, or a cheating soul, they were still easy to ink on a paper. Spilling words about love, about the aesthetic it carries or the…

Love of the Moon

You were like a perfume, I knew you would fade away in thin air, yet I was lured by your sweet fragrance. You were like a rose, I knew you would wound me with the thorns of unrequited love, yet I was awed by the beautiful ideation of us. You were the sun, & I…

My Existentiality

A poetry about me, because once in a while as a writer you have to come out in the open.

Gift of Faith

Ideas & thoughts become your life eventually. Have faith in your circumstances, your growth, your choices & above all in yourself.

Fingertips – January – Red

We met after what it felt like a lifetime. I came running to you carrying months of pain & excitement, & the hug feels unrequited. You then put your hands on my cheeks, but your fingertips felt cold & numb, just like winter cold January. That very moment, my cheeks became pale, I lost all…